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piawurtzbach Did you hear about what happened? Me too! So here, please meet the GingerBread Person ❤️ . We have different ways to promote our causes and support the 🌈 community. Some through advocating for policy, some for demand generation and some for awareness. No action is too small! Every effort creates ripples of positive change that we need to finally stop stigma and discrimination (both external and within the community itself), Hopefully through this post I can educate someone and reach those who need to understand the concept of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Sexual Characteristics (Expression). Read on and please share away: link is also on my bio https://www.genderbread.org/resource/genderbread-person-v4-0-poster
cynch1226 What about women’s voice... shouldn’t it be heard too? We make laws to conform to one part of society without looking at the loopholes. There are numerous reasons why mere use of a restroom can be detrimental for women and our children. It’s like opening doors to all perverts who may pose as transgender. Who and how will we know? When we make laws. We should also provide that service for that sector. Provide them that service.
antngco @redekforever17 How about respect for other women?
6_undergr0und @apengtemena *CHOICE* is your statement, so meaning "PALPAK" ang *Creator* natin kung "born-this-way" ang iba dyan - eh di Our *Creator* is: "IMPERFECT" pala kung ganun??? . . .
kokopicache @piawurtzbach deserve
akosiranran @piawurtzbach not only here but in other socmed as well. the journey to acceptance and not just tolerance mukhang malayu-layo pa. but we're on it though the road will be rocky from here onwards.
uknown2580_ Respect but disagree.
stellayyu @joe_ann10 she even ask na if ok lng sa ba sa pwd cya mag cr but., the janitress insisted na sa male cya mag cr., kung d nmn ba cya bastos nung kinakausap cya po ni congresswoman geraldine roman ayy nag walk out cya., saan ang manners dun?
stellayyu @rhinoa_heartilly its clear that the trans is aware sa anti discrimination law of that city., her purpose is to ask the management if na sogie po ba yung mga staff nila thats why she took video., misinformation nmn kau sobra
stellayyu @vincemc7 god na nasa bible nyo na tao lng din ang nagsulat at the same time wla pang concrete evidence
abdelquingcoibrahim Anu nangyari sa gender gender bread mo ng lumabas un cctv footage nung pinagtatanggol mo.
anne0207 thumbs up queen @piawurtzbach 👍👍🙌👏for supporting LGBTQ🏳️‍🌈Let’s respect each other’s gender preference😃
d_island_girl Lol so was he pretending to be a victim to get attention and publicity? And you all beauty queens to the rescue kaagad.😂😂wow para na din America ang pinas🤦🏽‍♀️I’m not against LGBT- but I disagree with sharing bathrooms. It’s been happening here , small kids being molested in bathrooms so yeah. Nope. You will understand when you have a kid of your own.
chireprincesdelgado @rein_ongco hayaan na natin ang mga taong mapang husga,they are just creating their own self worst..and they are proving themselves to God that they are sinners
abdelquingcoibrahim @piawurtzbach pia tanga k pala e. Alamim m muna buong storya. Mukhang pa famous un pinagtatanggol mo. Wag m gmitin un celebrity status mo para lumaki un ulo ng ibang tao. Mpapahiya k pag lumabas katotohanan.